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Warhol Superstar Billy Name

Warhol Superstar Billy Name was born on February 22, 1940, as William Linich. Name met Warhol in 1959 at the restaurant where he worked called Serendipity 3. Warhol and Name began spending a lot of time together, so much so that it became something of a relationship.

It was Name who inspired the iconic silver interior of The Factory. Name details Warhol’s visit to his apartment during a hair cutting party that where his sliver interior inspired Warhol to do the same with the factory in an article for Arnet. Name began installing the silver esthetic into The Factory shortly after. It took so long to install that Warhol gave him a key and Name moved in. He lived in The Factory from 1964-1970. Once the silver and proper lighting was installed, Warhol had decided that he wanted to start making movies. In doing that, Warhol gave Name his old camera and tasked him with taking photos at The Factory. Name quickly became obsessed with photography and began spending all of his time in the darkroom.

In 1970 Name decided to leave The Factory to travel and perform his poetry. Name passed away on July 18, 2016, in an assisted living facility.

Warhol Superstar Billy Name

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