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Warhol Superstar Louis Waldon

Warhol Superstar Louis Waldon was born on December 16, 1934 in Modesto. Waldon began his acting career years before starring in his first Warhol production. Louis Waldon acted both in films and on Broadway. In 1967 he starred in his first Warhol film, The Nude Restaurant, where he played the “Painted Man”. Waldon also appeared in Warhol’s Lonesome Cowboys, Flesh, and the controversial Blue MovieBlue Movie, which starred Warhol Superstars Viva and Louis Waldon as themselves was so provocative and divisive that is was seized by the police for obscenity and the theater was fined $250 for showing it.

However, despite Warhol’s inclusion of the actor in his superstar posse, Waldon used his connection with Warhol to profit off of Warhol’s work. Being an underpaid actor, he decided to use his association with Warhol to his advantage and started producing exquisitely crafted Warhol silkscreen knockoffs. He still remained on good terms with the group at The Factory and even appeared in several films by Viva.

Waldon continued acting throughout his life, appearing in films such as The Count of Monte Cristo, Mission Kill and Mask. Waldon suffered a stroke and passed away shortly after on December 6, 2013, in Los Angeles, CA.

Warhol Superstar Louis Waldon

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