Revolver Collaborates with Spec House in Beverly Hills

Revolver Gallery has teamed up with Lamerica Real Estate, a Los Angeles-based group specializing in luxury housing, to curate a one-of-a-kind house in Beverly Hills. The lot, nestled in the iconic Trousdale Estates, not only boasts five bedrooms and eight bathrooms, but it also includes Andy Warhol works provided by Revolver. Along with iconic Warhol works like “Diamond Dust Shoes 255” and “Campbell’s Soup I: Vegetable 48,” the property is the present venue of Andy Warhol’s own Rolls Royce. Revolver owner and CEO, Ron Rivlin, is the current proprietary of the Rolls Royce, which was a stand-out feature in Revolver’s international Warhol: Revisited exhibitions. According to Paul Wylie of Lamerica Real Estate, “[Warhol] owned it from 1974 until his death in 1987….Andy never had a driver’s license—he had other people drive him around.” Wylie added that the car has about 60,000 miles on it and features an “eight-track cassette player and two custom mirrors in the back seat.”

Interestingly, the property may be purchased with or without the Warhol works. The house has a base value of $15.6 million that goes up to $17.8 million with the addition of Revolver’s contributions. The property is a true Trousdale temple, regardless of the art inside. On an almost 24,000 square foot lot, the location includes two waterfalls, zen gardens, a media room, a saltwater swimming pool and spa, and a 1,200 square foot master bedroom––among many marvels. The lot is adjacent to celebrity neighbors such as Cindy Crawford and Adam Levine, though these names are nothing new for Trousdale. Trousdale Estates has always been known for unparalleled design and splendor, with previous residents including the reviled Richard Nixon, singers Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra, actress Jane Fonda, and famous wedding dress designer Vera Wang.


Revolver’s Ron Rivlin sat down for an interview about the gallery’s collaboration with Lamerica Real Estate, as referenced in the Los Angeles Confidential Magazine. On Warhol’s reaction to the house, Rivlin commented, “Andy Warhol was [notorious] for saying few words. If he saw this house, I think he would say, ‘Let’s have a party.’”

The announcement of the collaboration of Revolver with the Trousdale house has sparked great media interest and publicity for the gallery. Ron Rivlin was featured in an interview with ABC Nightline News, and the story has been covered by outlets including the Los Angeles Times, Fox News, Mansion Global and the Wall Street Journal. “Warhol 90210,” as the property has been dubbed, is a truly iconic space and a staple in the Beverly Hills art and architecture worlds.