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Unique Prints

Andy Warhol created a number of unique prints throughout his career, most of which are trial proofs. The term trial proof refers to a print which is pulled during the printing process of an edition and altered through changes to color and/or composition. All trial proofs are a unique prints because of the transformations made during printing. They are some of the most valuable works by Andy Warhol because no two trial proofs are the same, nor are they the same as any edition print.

Revolver Gallery has a large collection of unique prints and trial proofs by Andy Warhol, including trial proofs of celebrities such as Wayne Gretzky, Ingrid Bergman and Jane Fonda. Please find handful of the unique prints by Andy Warhol that Revolver has for sale below. If you would like to view a complete list of the unique works that the gallery has to offer, please contact a member of the Revolver staff for a listing.

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