The Skateroom and the Beyeler Foundation Launch Andy Warhol Decks for Art Basel 2016

Ron Rivlin, June 29, 2016

For this year’s Basel Week Miami, the Skateroom and the Beveler Foundation have announced their new collaboration of decks with Andy Warhol designs. The Museum of Modern Art unites the two by launching a line of limited-edition skateboards with some of Warhol’s most iconic works of art.

Skateroom is an organization that invites contemporary artists to interpret skate culture by creating art on skateboards. They produce, promote, and sell their limited editions skateboards to support their art with a good cause. This time around, Skateroom is working together with Skateistan — an international NGO (non-governmental organization) using skateboarding as a tool for youth empowerment . With projects in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa, Skateistan promotes education, community, and leadership through one skateboard at a time.

“Pop art is for Everyone” — The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts

Andy Warhol couldn’t have been a better artist to kick off this collection of “pop-op”. With similar values and visions, the Skateroom is taking something ordinary and creating a new aesthetic reality by fusing the underground skate culture with contemporary art. The Beyeler Foundation museum will be displaying Warhol’s Colored Campbell’s Soup and Gold Marilyn at Art Basel Miami Beach — one of the premier art exhibitions in the world.

The collection also includes other Warhol famous images like Guns, Car Crash (Disaster #2), Detail of the Last Supper, and Self Portrait. These decks will be sold online and the profit generated will go towards the Skateistan charity.

warhol campbell's skateboards
warhol colorful skateboards