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Portrait of Warhol Superstar Bibbe Hansen

Warhol Superstar Bibbe Hansen

Warhol Superstar Bibbe Hansen was born in January 1952 (although some sources say she was born in 1953). Her mother was actress Audrey Ostlin Hansen and her father was Fluxus artist Al Hansen. She began her acting career at age 11, performing with various summer productions such as the Saranac Lake Summer Theater. She collaborated with filmmaker Jonas Mekas to star in several films as she grew into a teenager, furthering her acting experience. When she was 13, she, Janet Kerouac, and Charlotte Rosenthal formed a group called The Whippets and released a couple of songs with Laurie Records. Not only did she sing, but Bibbe also studied dance under Phoebe Neville and Lucinda Childs for some time. She reached Warhol Superstardom relatively soon after that and early on in life—it was at age 14 that she starred in Warhol’s Prison with Edie Sedgwick and Marie Mencken. The role came off the heels of her time living in delinquency in various institutions of New York’s criminal justice system, where she was considered a “guest.”

This initial collaboration with Warhol led to her starring in three more films of his, including Restaurant (1965), 10 Beautiful Girls, and 10 More Beautiful Girls. Eventually, Bibbe Hansen moved to Los Angeles and founded a theater company there before going on to perform in various other capacities up to this day. She married Sean Carrillo and from 1990 to 1995 managed the Troy Cafe with him, which served as a performance venue for both up-and-coming and established artists in the area. She co-founded a punk rock band called “The Black Fag” with its lead singer Vaginal Davis, and since her father’s death in 1995 has worked with her husband to proliferate Al Hansen’s art as well as her own across the globe. 

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