Toronto Fashion Hunt Blogger Compiles List of Locations To Get the ’60s Look In Celebration of the Andy Warhol Exhibition


Toronto fashion hunt blogger, Liza Zawadzka, has compiled a list of the best places to get the 60s look, in honor of Revolver’s Andy Warhol: Revisited exhibit.

Revolver Gallery has brought a massive collection of Andy Warhol works to the Mink Mile, 77 Bloor St., until Dec. 31.

Warhol had a profound influence on fashion, inspiring designers such as Mary Quant and Vivienne Westwood.

Here are some Toronto’s best sources for getting that ’60s look.

For the true collector, Gadabout Vintage actually has a paper cat dress. These poster dresses were made of rayon and nylon, but being paper-thin are extremely rare to find and are usually only found in museums like the V&A. The only trick is actually getting the store to sell it to you!

Easier prey is the Warhol inspired silk-screened creations of Toronto fashion veterans, Peach Berserk ‎. Cotton dresses run about $120, while silk goes for about $450.

Malabar Costume House , on McCaul Street, just off of Queen, has a great selection of wigs, while you can get your Candy Darling or Divine fake eyelashes from Sephora.

Pamela Mann has an entire collection of print stockings, which you can get online, or at Leg’s Beautiful – a must for your micro-miniskirt.

Have fun, and feel fabulous!

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