Uniqlo Continues Collaboration with The Andy Warhol Foundation


Andy Warhol and fashion are almost synonymous.

Popular art driven brand UNIQLO reopened their store in Soho on September 2nd, intermixing Japanese swagger with high fashion New York trends. Warhol spent much of his adulthood on the crowded tarmac streets of New York, so it’s only natural that brands such as UNIQLO look to deepen their roots in the community by drawing inspiration from one of New York’s finest icons.

Uniqlo, having released collaborations with artists such as Jackson Pollock and Jean-Michel Basquiat, is no stranger to the world of modern art. In May 2013, UNIQLO became a multi-year, corporate sponsor of MoMA, a staple museum in the modern and contemporary art world located in the heart of New York. Then again in March of 2014, the brand began an art driven collection titled SPRZ NY (Surprise New York). UNIQLO also collaborated with Free Arts NYC and NYC Department of Homeless Services giving children living in homeless shelters a unique opportunity to not only learn about modern artists but also to create artwork of their own.

The lasting impression Warhol had on both the modern art world and the fashion world can be seen this September on the mezzanine floors of UNIQLO’s 5th avenue flagship store featuring popular Warhol masterpieces redesigned into clothing items that you can rehang in your own closet.

To browse the SPRZ NY Andy Warhol collection, visit Uniqlo’s newly SoHo store in New York or go to sprzny.uniqlo.com/us/products/warhol