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Unzipping Sticky Fingers: Re-released Masterpiece in Rolling Stones Magazine

sticky fingers

On July 7, newsstands will be hit with the British July/August issue of Rolling Stones Magazine. This one-of-a-kind issue reveals the 1971 Sticky Fingers album with unreleased takes from a time of transition for the English rock band, The Rolling Stones. The publication includes a perspective on the original and the revised record, which highlights an important milestone in the band’s history.

After its re-release on June 9, the reissued album features the band’s sessions and live recordings from the early ‘70s. Designed by Andy Warhol, the provocative album became the next famous chapter of The Rolling Stones, and its remastered versions of classic songs like “Brown Sugar” and “Sway” with collaborations from notable artists, such as Eric Clapton, brings listeners back to its former era.

Andy Warhol and Craig Inciardi, curator and director of acquisitions at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame & Museum, envisioned an iconic cover that would invite the idea of erotic fantasies for both genders. The album cover features a man’s crotch in the Levi’s Jeans with a distinct package – a working zipper that was not only expensive, but halfway undone to avoid damaging the vinyl. The model’s identity was never disclosed, but it has been believed to be actor and superstar Joe Dallesandro.

At the time of its release, the album was not only considered controversial, but also “a revolting piece of genius” (X co-founder John Doe). From musical notes and tones to grabbing ears and crotches, the thrills of the unzipped album was the heart and soul of rock and roll. The re-released album is a memento for its representation of rebellion, sexuality and culture that liberates oneself.

Sticky Fingers remains the same 10-track album that contains the band’s most profound and reputable work.

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