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Warhol’s Royce Rolls on Display at Warhol: Revisited.

Warhol's Royce Rolls at Warhol: RevisitedRevolver Gallery has acquired Andy Warhol’s luxurious 1974, two-toned, Rolls Royce Shadow that will be on display for the public in the upcoming Warhol: Revisited Exhibition. The one-of-a-kind car was specially ordered by Warhol himself on October 14th, 1974.

Known as “Silver Shadow,” the car has only been owned by two previous owners before being acquired by Revolver Gallery. Prior to Revolver owning the luxurious car, the previous owner kept the car in excellent shape, as Warhol would have.

Alongside with the car, all service records from 1990 were included with the sale along with a copy of the original purchase order from Rolls-Royce, a copy of the 1988 sales invoice, a copy of the Warhol Enterprises title, and the original letters from Warhol’s biographer, Victor Boris, and friend Ultra Violet.

Due to Andy not owning a New York driver’s license, So he would have most of his famous friends chauffeur him around. It is said that Warhol’s close friend, Jed Johnson, was the driver. His car was said to have been driven by Liza Minnelli, Truman Capote, Jacqueline Kennedy and much more. The “Silver Shadow” was Warhol’s prized possession that was maintained in his Park Avenue garage.

This will be the first time that the public can view the rare car without standing in an auction house, as well as the year celebrating Andy Warhol’s 30th death anniversary.

View Warhol’s 1974 “Silver Shadow” at the upcoming exhibition in Santa Monica, tickets are available at www.warholrevisited.com.

Warhol's Royce Rolls at Warhol Revisited

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