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Wowed by Warhol


Wowed by Warhol, Vitamin Daily said Andy Warhol’s so much more than Campbell’s Soup cans (though those are, admittedly, iconic of his art), and now you can immerse yourself in his work right here in T.O.

Till the end of the year, Andy Warhol Revisited will occupy a pop-up gallery space on the luxe stretch of Mink Mile (a.k.a. Bloor Street). Hosted and curated by Revolver Gallery, the exhibit features more than 120 pieces that will be rotated around September, plus live music events and a lecture series, so plan on more than one visit to get your full fix of the pop-art icon.

Works include Warhol’s portraits of Marilyn Monroe, Mickey Mouse and Mao, to name a few.


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