Revolver Warhol Collection Travels to Toronto - Revolver Gallery

Revolver Warhol Collection Travels to Toronto


From Vancouver to Toronto, Los Angeles-based Revolver Gallery brings its Andy Warhol collection to Yorkville. With over 120 original Warhol prints and paintings, the pop art exhibition will be the largest Warhol exhibition ever to come to Canada.

Ron Rivlin, owner of Revolver Gallery, brought his passion for Warhol to his hometown of Toronto. His desire to showcase Warhol’s work in a culturally-rich city which he calls “home” is an opportunity to engage and educate people on the life and art of Andy Warhol.

In an interview with Style and Fashion, Rivlin shares his ties to Toronto and the importance of pursuing your most important talents. From his humble beginnings to managing businesses in music, social media and hospitality, his love for Warhol is evidence in all of his endeavors.

Rivlin discusses the birth of Revolver Gallery and Warhol’s evolution of work that remains relevant in pop culture today. As said by Rivlin, “Warhol broke barriers and boundaries and essentially changed the art industry by introducing subjects that popular culture deemed important.”

The exhibition features Warhol’s prints from Rivlin’s personal collection as well as a few pieces on loan from other private collectors and cultural institutions. Visitors will have the chance to witness notable works such as Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and Campbell’s Soup series.

Rivlin hope to provide an environment that intrigues patrons through education and the broad range of works on display. With much of the artist’s life unknown to visitors, the exhibition’s central location expects to draw a diverse crowd.

Warhol Revisited runs from July 1 to December 31, 2015.

77 Bloor Street West
Toronto, ON M5S12

$10 for adults
$8 for seniors
$5 for students and youth
Free for kids under 5

Tuesday – Sunday : 10am – 8pm
Closed Mondays and Christmas Day

Read the full interview on Style & Fashion.


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