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FAQ – Selling Your Warhol

Selling Your Warhol: FAQ by Revolver Gallery

Selling your Warhol can be complicated, but at Revolver Gallery we have a seamless and simple process which gets you paid the next day. Our team will guide you through every step to ensure the process is a simple one. At Revolver Gallery, we offer above net-to-consignor auction value, same-day payment, and a free expert evaluation. Andy Warhol artworks are more valuable today than ever before in history, and given the uncertainty of the future, it is possibly the best time to sell.  

Below are some common questions people have for us. We hope that you will find them helpful as you consider selling your Warhol. If there are any other questions you have, you can contact the gallery owner directly via phone (310) 786-7417 or e-mail: We would be happy to assist you!

The Best Way to Sell Your Warhol

Selling a Warhol can be daunting–but it doesn’t have to be. Warhols are precious, characterized by high market value and sales volumes. Because of this, it’s especially important to be sure that you are getting the best possible value for your art. Auctioning through the big auction houses is the most common choice for collectors looking to liquidate. However, there are risks. The duration of time between the evaluation, decision to consign, the sale date, and the final payment can range from 4 to 9 months, and given the volatility of markets, this could impose a risk.  Take for example, there is a market crash and people stop spending money within this period, your artwork could fail to sell and your artwork could be “burned”, meaning people will know that it didn’t sell at the low estimate making it difficult in the future.

There are also high fees, and delayed payments associated with auctioning can complicate the selling process and will diminish your returns. Selling directly to a gallery, on the other hand, is a much simpler process. Your art will be sold right away, with no need to wait 6+ months for an auction, and commissions, premiums, and extra fees will not eat into your earnings. Selling to Revolver Gallery is the easiest and fastest way to sell your Warhol. And thanks to our experience and expertise, it’s also the most reliable way to get the best value.

Why Not Auction My Warhol?

People often mistakenly assume that auctioning is the best way to sell high-end artwork. This is not true. The common perception is that the prestige and outreach that auction houses such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s have is that it will translate into the best possible result – this can be true sometimes. At Revolver, we monitor these prices daily, and pay the top, published value—without the hassle and without any high fees.

We also offer a free market report, so you can see the numbers for yourself. Ultimately, auctioning can be a long and inconvenient process; and you’ll only get a fraction of the final sale—sometimes 50%. Keep in mind the 25% Buyers Premium in which the auction houses do not share with the consignor, and a consignment fee which can also be up to 20%.  That coupled with other ancillary fees can allow for half of the pie.

  • Risk — Risk is an important thing to consider when auctioning an artwork. Although auction sales determine market prices, auctioning your Warhol means you are risking selling your Warhol for a lower rate than expected, or worse, not selling your artwork at all. Failing to sell an artwork at auction can be disastrous for the value of the piece, especially with unique works. Art that does not sell after being publicly offered via auction or through galleries to their prospective collectors will commonly be considered “burnt,” which in some cases, will result in making the artwork more difficult to sell resulting in a lower priced value proposition.
  • Fees — Once an artwork is sold at auction, auction houses will deduct their fees. These fees typically include a 25% Buyers Premium, a consignment fee of up to 20%, and fees for photography, cataloguing, crating & shipping, insurance, and sometimes marketing fees, which can add to up to 50% of what your artwork sells for. Since market value is most commonly determined by auction sales, as the gap between retail and auction narrows, this means you could only be getting half of the market value of your Warhol. At Revolver, we give you real comparable sales and average them out showing you an estimated net-to-consignor auction result compared to our offer which is paid immediately upon inspection. 
  • Time — Auctioning your Warhol means you will not get your money until after the auction itself happens which is dependent on when the buyer pays and then once accounting processes and contacts you for payment. Auctioning is not a quick process, nor a process in which you are in control of the outcome. Outcome can be influenced by the events that can happen between the time when agreeing to consign and finally, when payment is received.  The common range is 4 to 9 months from evaluation to payment. 

How Is Selling To Revolver Different?

Selling your Warhol to Revolver is much more streamlined. You deal with the gallery owner and his logistics manager throughout the process. An offer from Revolver is based on net-to-consignor auction market value, which we then will beat. Rather than having to go through the auction process, you are paid directly by the gallery for your art the same day it is inspected for condition and authenticity. This is all done privately, so in the case that the gallery does not accept the artwork, your options are still open for future efforts. This also limits the risk of uncertainty of value during an auction consignment, and having it “burned.” 

Why Sell To Revolver Gallery?

Selling to Revolver Gallery is generally the fastest and most reliable way to sell your Warhol. We are a storefront art gallery. Revolver is committed to making sure the process is one of ease, and meets the expectations as delivered in a clear agreement. It’s the fastest way to get a “better than auction” result, based on a transparent assessment based on factual data.
  • Same-day pay — Where auctioning can result in delays lasting months, you simply overnight the artwork (we walk you through that process) and we inspect and wire the funds the same day. The same-day payment we offer sets us apart from any other option in terms of speed and convenience. In some cases, we will fly to you the next day with payment.
  • Expert evaluation — We offer free, no-obligation evaluation. As the world’s largest buyer and seller of Andy Warhol artworks, we take pride in our approach in sharing our knowledge and evaluation of the market as a whole, and your artwork. Revolver Gallery has been internationally trusted for our expertise – just Google us! For more information on our valuation process and our expert appraisal resources, call us at  (310) 786-7417.
  • Revolver Pays Above Auction — Since you won’t have to pay all the fees you would when auctioning your Warhol, it’s no surprise that selling to Revolver Gallery will typically be a better option over what you would net at auction. Since auction results are tracked, the market is a transparent one. We research the auction history of your artwork and qualify the data before sending you our analysis and offer. At Revolver Gallery, you can trust that you are getting the absolute best possible value for your artwork. Don’t hesitate to contact us today!
  • A Trustworthy Source – Revolver Gallery is the only gallery in the world that deals exclusively with Andy Warhol artwork.  Revolver has owned well over a thousand Warhols. We are a brick and mortar storefront art gallery located at the prestigious Sunset Plaza on Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood (Los Angeles). At Revolver, you will deal directly with the gallery owner – not assistants, accountants, or anyone else. Gallery owner, Ron Rivlin, is a passionate collector who is one of the most vocal Warhol enthusiasts in the industry. A simple Google search of Revolver Gallery and Ron will reveal the legitimacy and ratings of the gallery. Sell your Warhol with Ron today and get paid quick!


How is the Worth of my Warhol Determined? How Much is a Piece Wirth in General?

The value of a Warhol is typically benchmarked by auction value, which records the performance history of artworks. Warhol artworks are classified in three categories: paintings, prints, and sculpture. Paintings are often unique, however, many have the same silkscreen and only the paint brush strokes and color differ.  Paintings are regarded as more desirable but also more expensive.  Prints can be defined as edition prints and unique prints.  Edition prints are signed and numbered, with few exceptions where a rubber “Andy Warhol” stamp replaced a physical signature. The unique prints were typically test proofs that Andy never intended on selling, and went into storage. Following Warhol’s death, the Andy Warhol Foundation sold the works as unique artworks.  They have estate stamps, initials from an authority at the Warhol Foundation, and a unique catalogue number that matches with the Foundation’s records. Therefore, some Warhols are worth more than others. Trial proofs, for instance (Warhol’s test prints), tend to have a higher value due to their distinctive qualities. The condition of the work also influences its worth, so this is also important to consider when selling your Warhol. However, the market is ultimately driven by supply and demand. To this day, there is a high demand for Warhols and they appreciate in value approximately 12% a year.

What Is Blue Chip Art And What Makes Andy Warhol A Blue Chip Artist?

“Blue chip” art is highly valuable art that grows in value regardless of other factors in the economy. Works from very well-known artists, such as Picasso, Pollock, and Warhol are considered blue chip art, since they are continuously sought-after by collectors. Because the value of blue chip art is not tied to the same economic factors as other investments, its value can be accurately determined by auction prices. As the epochal grandfather of Modern art, Warhol is to us what Picasso was to his generation. Warhol’s work is stronger than that of other artists and remains stable over time. This provides a perfect climate for selling a Warhol.

What Is The Difference Between Retail Pricing And Market Value?

Supply and demand dictates retail pricing. The condition of the work is a major factor, and this helps to determine its wholesale value. Art dealers estimate the price of a work using wholesale rather than retail value. Prints tend to be more fragile than paintings; creases, tears, fading of color, water damage, foxing, and scuffing can affect the wholesale value. However, if the print is scarce and in great condition, there will be a higher demand and thus a higher value for the piece. 

Why Should I Sell My Warhol Rather Than Keeping It?

At Revolver Gallery we understand how difficult it can be to part with a Warhol, but our globally-trusted process is efficient and stress-free. Most importantly, we are committed to providing you with the best possible price. Warhols are more valuable now than ever before, and it is expected that the market will only grow from here. It is—and will continue to be—an excellent time to sell your Warhol with Revolver Gallery.


Is It Necessary To Get My Warhol Appraised? What Are The Benefits?

Knowing the value of your Warhol can be very important. A Warhol piece falls into the category of especially valuable, blue-chip art, so making sure you are paid a fair price is a top priority for sellers. Getting an appraisal from an expert can be very beneficial to making sure that your Warhol is being sold for a fair price. Fortunately, our experts at Revolver Gallery offer a free, no-commitment evaluation of your Warhol. Our professional appraisal resources will ensure that you have a fair and accurate quote that reflects the highest value of your piece. When you sell your Warhol to Revolver Gallery, we wire your payment within hours of our free expert evaluation.

How Do Experts Determine The Market Value Of A Warhol?

The value of a Warhol, as with other blue chip art, is determined by evaluation of the hammer price of similar works at top auction houses. These auction houses are considered by the industry to be the determiners of the market price of an artwork. Our expert evaluations mean that you can know the market value of a work without risking a disappointing sale at an auction house or losing money to the associated fees and commissions. We find the determined market value and pay above auction, guaranteeing that you get the best value possible for your Warhol.

How Do You Pay Above Auction Prices?

We have the benefit of paying you the full market value because of our unique ability to connect with private collectors, through marketing and private contact lists. We are able to sell art at what’s known as a “retail price,” which is closer to the prices you will find listed on gallery websites. It’s unlikely that the retail price will reflect what a seller unaffiliated with a gallery will be able to get for their Warhol. Because of our position in the market, we are able to pay above what you would receive if you were to auction your piece when acquiring a Warhol. This is just one reason why Revolver is the best place to sell your Warhol.

What Makes Revolver Gallery’s Appraisal Resources Special?

Simply put, we know Warhol better than anyone else. Revolver Gallery is the world’s largest private buyer of Andy Warhol’s work in the world. We’ve been buying and selling since 2012, and since then have become an internationally trusted source for everything Warhol. Because of our unique position in the market, we are able to ensure that you receive a market evaluation that accurately reflects the value of your artwork. Our evaluations are free; no commitment, and no hassle.

If My Warhol Paintings/Screenprints Deteriorate, How Much Will Their Value Go Down?

This is determined on a case-by-case basis. Pristine Warhols will always fetch the highest prices. Different levels of deterioration will affect market prices differently. It’s important to remember, however, that Warhol pieces can potentially be restored depending on their condition. Still, many factors can cause a Warhol to deteriorate over time. The last thing you want is to risk selling your Warhol too late. Don’t be discouraged from inquiring about your art if you do not know.

How Do I Get My Warhol Evaluated With Revolver Gallery?

Simply call us today, or email with your name and phone number, as well as a picture of your Warhol. We will write back to you with a quote the same day you contact us. The process is as easy as that. No quote fees, no long waits—only expert advice. Sell your Warhol and earn cash today.

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