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Revolver Gallery is a Los Angeles-based art gallery with a one-artist program focusing on the life and work of the pioneer of Pop Art, Andy Warhol. With over 250 original prints and paintings in its collection for sale, Revolver Gallery has the largest “gallery-owned” Warhol collection worldwide. Revolver Gallery contextualizes the artist’s body of work and historical significance through outreach, strategic partnerships with leading institutions, and curating international Warhol exhibitions. 

Andy Warhol Art Works for Sale

At Revolver, there are over 250 original Andy Warhol art works for sale. Warhol used his signature techniques – silkscreens, reproduced serially and often painted with bright colors, to portray subjects that combined his fascination with glamour, celebrity, and commercial production. Gallery patrons can buy Warhol works that exemplify his vision and techniques such as Campbell’s Soup Cans, Marilyn Monroe or Mao.

A club called the Cheetah opened on Broadway and  53rd Street. The owner asked me and Edie to be the host and hostess there-- Andy and Edie's Up, he wanted to call it. But he and his backers were good business people and in those days we weren't-- We never wanted to commit ourselves to anything; All we wanted was to run around and have a good time." -Andy Warhol (from Popism by Andy Warhol and Pat Hackett) Hope you enjoyed your week-long trial of ‘rent-a- @aaandygrams ‘ (be sure to visit for more great Andy Warhol content!) Now back to your regularly scheduled Revolver Gallery content! #andywarhol #warhol #warhola #andywarholart #art #artist #arthistory #popart #modernart #nyc  #ediesedgwick
"I stole so much silverware and I was afraid of customs, I don't know if you're allowed to take them in or not. Got to customs, and although I didn't beep coming through the thing this guy took me to a room and had me empty my pockets and I had my vitamins on me, I don't like them to go through the beeper, and he was feeling them all up, and then he went through my shoes and pulled down my socks, and then asked, "What's that?"  when he saw my other drugs, my painkillers, and when I was trying to explain what they were, he got impatient and said, "Oh, go away." I'm really going to be careful what I take with me because I can just see them going through all my wigs and asking me why I have so many." - Andy Warhol ( July 21, 1980, The Andy Warhol Diaries. Photo of Andy Warhol at an airport by Bob Colacello) #andywarhol #warhol #bobcolacello #revolvergallery
'Rent-a-Superstar' was a business idea that Warhol came up with in 1969 where he offered to rent out his Superstars to bidders. "This way, they can take the art home, have a party for it, show it to their friends, take polaroids of it (which I will sign), make tape recordings. And after the week is over, they'll still have anecdotes." -Andy Warhol (quote from 'Little Joe, Superstar: The Films of Joe Dallesandro' by Michael Ferguson, photo by Jack Mitchell). #andywarhol #warhol #joedallesandro #hollywoodlawn #jackiecurtis #paulmorrisey #jackmitchell #revolvergallery
In 1965, Warhol sent his entourage to the corner liquor store with the direction to have the store sign the bill to The Paris Review so he could turn it into a poster that he had agreed to make for the magazine. (Audio of the transaction from ‘Andy Warhol from Tapes: Sounds from his life and work’) #andywarhol #warhol #theparisreview #andywarholart #revolvergallery
Here is some #FreakyFriday content of Warhol starring in a Japanese TV commercial! #RevolverGallery #Warhol
Did you know that Warhol also liked spending time in front of the camera as well? Here he is modeling a Duran Duran inspired Look for L’Uomo Vogue directed by Daniela Morera. #RevolverGallery #Warhol
Monday motivation from Warhol himself! #RevovelverGallery #AndyWarhol #Warhol
When punk rock meets pop art. Here we have Rob Halford of Judaspreist hanging out with Andy after one of their shows. #Warhol #RevovlerGallery
Here is some motivation for the week ahead from Andy himself! #RevolverGallery #Warhol
“Success to me is being fortunate enough to pursue your passions for a living. I can’t think of any other currency more valuable than that.” - Ron Rivlin #RonsCorner #RevolverGallery #Warhol
Andy wasn’t only a great artist of his time, he also was a great businessman. #WarholQuotes #RevolverGallery #Warhol
We all know our gallery owner @ron_rivlin loves all things Warhol, but did you know Ron Rivlin also owns Andy’s famous Rolls Royce?! This is a one of a kind car with a history to match, we can only imagine the conversations that went down in there! #RonsCorner #RevolverGallery #Warhol
Have you heard about the time Steve Jobs gave Andy a computer lesson? It all happened when Steve Jobs gave John Lennon's son Sean a new Macintosh computer. Steve was busy setting up the computer in Sean's room when Andy came in and was enthralled by the machine. Steve Jobs took the time to teach Andy how to use the mouse and draw a circle on the monitor. This moment inspired Andy to make his graphic art for years to come and make Apple one of his muses! Currently, Revolver has one of the only 30 unique prints at the gallery. #WednesdayWarholHistory #RevovlerGallery #Warhol
Andy getting Johanna Dichand ready for her portrait (1981, by Michael Horowitz) #RevolverGallery #WarholRevisited #Warhol
Andy Warhol with Gerson and Judith Leiber’s dog, Sterling, photographed by Paige Powell. Featured in Animals by Paige Powell, published by Gucci and Dashwood Books. // #RevolverGallery #WarholRevisted #Warhol
Andy Warhol with pink orangutans the designer Halston sent over to surprise him for his birthday in 1985, photographed by Paige Powell. Featured in Animals by Paige Powell, published by Gucci and Dashwood Books. // #RevolverGallery #WarholRevisted #Warhol #AndyWarhol
Grace Jones, Keith Haring and Andy Warhol at Paradise Garage, New York, 1983 // #AndyWarhol #Warhol #RevolverGallery #WarholRevisited #KeithHaring #GraceJones
Andy Warhol photographing Farrah Fawcett // #AndyWarhol #Warhol #RevolverGallery #WarholRevisited #FarrahFawcett
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