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Andy Warhol Time Capsules – Can they uncover some of the genius that is Andy Warhol?

Marie Elia has the most interesting job and calls herself the secretary to a dead man. Her job is to go through Andy Warhol’s Time Capsules he left after his death in 1987.

One of the most peculiar of findings thus far is a small tin box. “I opened it and it was full of fingernail clippings, dead bees and those little holes that come from a hole punch,” she says.

The Andy Warhol Museum have indexed more than 300,000 items.

“We work more with the intimate side of Warhol. His prescriptions, his shampoos, his acne medication, his letters from his family,” says Erin Byrne, the Time Capsules’ other cataloger. “These are things that blow people away.”

Warhol began this project of the Time Capsules when the idea was presented to him one his his assistants to put his things in boxes and work on them forever. Of course Warhol loved the idea and started the Time Capsules. Now they are sometimes opened at the Andy Warhol Museum in front of an audience, creating a performing art feature, which Andy would have loved.

These Time capsules in a way serve as a kind of autobiography of Andy Warhol.


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