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Warhol Superstar Jackie Curtis

Warhol Superstar Jackie Curtis was born on February 19, 1947 in New York City as John Holder Jr. With strong beliefs regarding gender conformity, Curtis was quoted in a New York Times article stating, “I’m not a boy, not a girl. I am not gay, I am not straight, I am not a drag queen, I am not a transvestite, I am Jackie.” She acted in two of Warhol’s films, Flesh and Women in Revolt. Her devotion to Warhol was represented with a tattoo on her arm reading “Andy.”

In addition to acting, Curtis also wrote screenplays. Curtis wrote the script for a few of Warhol’s films, including films in which she acted, as well as the film Big Badge. Jackie Curtis graduated from Hunter College in 1975, with aspirations of becoming a singer. When she couldn’t make a career work on Broadway, she decided to start writing and performing in her own plays. Curtis was also a published poet, whose work appeared in The Poets’ Encyclopedia in 1979. However, like many of the superstars that frequented The Factory, Curtis’ life was cut short by a tragic death. She was pronounced dead from heroin overdose at the age of 38 in 1985.

Warhol Superstar Jackie Curtis

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