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Warhol Superstar Jane Forth

Jane Forth was born May 4th, 1953. Forth met Andy Warhol at the age of 15 while dating Warhol’s boyfriend’s twin-brother, Jay. She dropped out of school when she was sixteen and began working in her father’s antique store. Shortly after she received a call from one of Warhol’s associates asking if she wanted to be in his upcoming film, Trash. She claimed she only took the deal because they were paying, and she wanted the money to buy Christmas presents. She had only one request for being in the film, and that was that she wouldn’t have to take off her clothes. Being the only character to keep their clothes on, viewers became intrigued by her. After Trash, things began to open for her as the new Warhol Superstar Jane Forth. She modeled Diane von Furstenberg’s first wrap dresses, and appeared in Life, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, and on the cover of the dance magazine After Dark.

Forth briefly worked as a receptionist in The Factory and accompanied Warhol and entourage to various events and award shows. Her time with Warhol ran from 1968 to 1971. During Warhols Superstar run, she starred in two other Warhol films L’Amour and Women in Revolt. She became pregnant in her late teens and decided to drop her career to raise her child. She later married Oliver Wood, a cinematographer working in Hollywood. Forth started doing make-up and special effects work in Hollywood until she dropped it when she became pregnant again. Her iconic look has influenced the fashion world and was the inspiration for the transgender character played by Jared Leto in Dallas Buyer’s Club.

Warhol Superstar Jane Forth

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