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Revolver presents WARHOL LIVES: 2022 Warhol Market Report

Revolver Gallery is proud to announce the release of the 2022 Andy Warhol Market Report, available for sale March 31st on Amazon. The Andy Warhol Market Report by Revolver is the first and only comprehensive review of its kind, providing an invaluable resource for collector’s to better understand the in’s and out’s of Andy Warhol’s long standing position in the global art market.

The 2022 version marks the second edition of Revolver’s expert report, which chronicles historic and recent data related to the performance of Warhol’s prints, paintings, and portfolios, plus more material about Warhol’s life and work.

As we enter the 35th year since Andy’s death, art collector and Warhol expert Ron Rivlin has crafted a holistic review of Warhol’s performance in the art market over the past two years. Rivlin is the owner of Revolver Gallery in Los Angeles, the only art gallery in the world with a one-artist program focused on the life and work of Andy Warhol. Rivlin’s report presents a holistic analysis of Warhol’s market over the past decade, and includes a review of the turbulence the art market experienced during covid-19, and how Warhol’s art managed to come out on top in its wake.

For diehard Warhol fans and art collectors alike, the book is an in-depth guide to understanding Warhol’s market in the current decade. Rivlin expands on the logic of the artist’s recent performance, provides insider knowledge of art market data, forecasts upcoming trends, and illuminates the driving forces responsible for Warhol’s continued success in one of the most volatile climates we’ve seen in recent history.

Andy Warhol has been called the “One-Man Art Market,” with sales of his art comprising more than five percent of global art sales. While Warhol continues to outperform the art market at large, and even the Dow Jones, new collectors become interested in Warhol’s market every year. It’s one thing to be aware of Warhol as a powerful investment opportunity, but how do new buyers navigate his market? Leveraging his years of experience as a Warhol specialist and collector, Rivlin demystifies the complexities of buying a Warhol print: when to make a purchase, how to choose the right piece, and why the variables matter.

The market report is a product of tireless research into archives, interviews, and decades of personal experience buying and selling Warhol’s work. Outside of market performance, the book is supplemented by investigations into Warhol’s career and personal life, with compelling analyses of his massive Pop Art canon and his championing of business art.

Through the book’s in-depth material, readers will learn about authentication, how to recognize Warhol’s greatest and highest performing works, and the reasons why the artist’s blue-chip status and monumental legacy lives on to this day. By presenting his research to the public, Rivlin seeks to democratize the Warhol market and ensure that Warhol’s legacy lives on.

Ron Rivlin is a Canadian entrepreneur and seasoned art dealer from Los Angeles, California. After making a name for himself in the music industry, promoting concerts and eventually starting a talent agency, Rivlin established Revolver Gallery in Beverly Hills in 2012 with the goal of owning as many Warhol’s as possible. The gallery has since become the go-to place for Warhol collectors and fans, now located in West Hollywood. It is the only art gallery that specializes in Andy Warhol’s work, and the largest gallery-owned collection of Warhols in the world. Revolver is dedicated to the promotion and education of Andy Warhol and his Pop Art through public outreach, strategic partnerships with leading art institutions, international exhibitions, and various contributions to the Warhol subculture, such as the annual market report. In 2015, Revolver brought three public exhibitions to Canada, consecutively breaking records for the largest exhibition of Warhol’s work to ever take place in the country. Two years later, Revolver launched Andy Warhol: Revisited | Thirty Years Later in Los Angeles, running from February to August of 2017. The event, which was free to the public, showed over 200 Warhols in rotation, and marked the first time the artist’s Rolls Royce Silver Shadow was ever exhibited in public.

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