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Warhol Superstar Chuck Wein

Andy Warhol Superstar Chuck Wein was born on March 24, 1939. He attended high school in Pennsylvania and went on to attend college at Harvard. After graduating from Harvard, Wein continued to see a psychiatrist in Cambridge and met Edie Sedgwick. Wein and Sedgwick became friends and in 1964 after Sedgwick’s twenty-first birthday they moved to New York and Wein began working on getting Sedgwick discovered. He became a promoter for her, introducing her to people he believed could help make her a star, Warhol being one.

Edie Sedgwick met Warhol in 1965 and began visiting The Factory regularly with Chuck Wein. Warhol began giving her small roles in his films such as Horse and Vinyl. Warhol soon decided that he wanted to make Sedgwick a superstar, and had Ron Tavel write a script for Sedgwick, which became Kitchen. After Kitchen, Wein began writing the scripts for Sedgwick and attributed to multiple other films starring Sedgwick such as Beauty #2 and Poor Little Rich Girl. He also helped come up with some of Ciao Manhattan, which is Sedwick’s last acting role before her death. Wein passed away on March 18, 2008, in Del Mar, California from heart failure.

Chuck Wein


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