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The Velvet Underground Singer Nico Upcoming Biopic

Alexa Montgomery | October

image02Andy Warhol was more than just a pop artist. He was a successful film producer, photographer, author and record manager. His contribution to the world of music should not be undermined. He molded and managed the band, The Velvet Underground, after seeing existing members Lou Reed, John Cale, Sterling Morrison and Maureen Tucker perform at Café Bizarre in New York. In 1966, he added German model and singer, Nico, to the band first album titled, The Velvet Underground and Nico. The band gained instant recognition hinging off the ever-growing fame of Warhol, and their creative avant-garde sound. Additionally, Warhol’s cover art featuring a peel-able banana was an instant sensation.


image00The world has not forgotten the German lead singer, Nico, and this November a biopic will start filming. The film will be based on her life after, The Velvet underground and untimely death at the young age of 49. Denmark actress, Trine Dyrholm, will play the troubled artist and Susanna Nicchiarelli will direct the film. Many people do not know what became of the “femme fatale”, Nico, and the biopic plans to show them just that.  According to Warhol, many believed “after her experience with Velvet Underground and the Factory—and after having had sex with most of the rock stars of those years—Nico simply “became a fat junkie” and disappeared” … But is this how her life really went? We will find out as the film shows her struggles with heroin addiction and European solo tour. The film, however, will focus heavily on her music and feature Nico’s original songs in flashback sequences. Although Warhol is not alive to watch the biopic, he most certainly would have been happy to know his musical prodigy is getting more than her allotted ‘15 minutes of fame.’


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