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Liza Minelli Puts Her Warhols Up For Sale

Ron Rivlin, June 15, 2016

Singer/Actress, Liza Minnelli is reportedly prepared to privately sell her Andy Warhol works that once decorated the walls of her sold NYC home.

Though the collection in its entirety has been given a $40 million price tag, art dealer Robert Dupont told Page Six “…it’s worth more than that” Dupont continues, “other Liza portraits have gone for $4 million at auction.” The prolific collection includes original portraits of Minnelli and her parents, Judy Garland and Vincente Minnelli.

Why sell such a grand and valuable possession? Liza’s publicist, Scott Gorenstein assures the public that Minnelli is doing just fine financially stating, “Like any enthusiastic art collector, Liza Minnelli is always exploring opportunities.”

Gornstein also denied rumors regarding her health and said “Liza is in fine health and she recently celebrated her 70th birthday with friends and family in Beverly Hills.”

Discretion on the private selling of the works has been emphasized by such measures as buyers viewing the pieces by appointment only in Manhattan.

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