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Warhol Superstar Gerard Malanga

Warhol Superstar Gerard Malanga was born on March 20, 1943 in the Bronx. What started as a Summer job with Andy Warhol, Malanga soon realized it would be much more when Andy Warhol invited him along on a business trip to Hollywood.

Malanga would go on to act in Warhol films Batman Dracula, Vinyl and Kitchen. He helped Warhol start Interview magazine and participated in Warhol’s multimedia art event “The Exploding Plastic Inevitable.” Malanga also assisted Warhol extensively on all “Screen Test” films (the first of which starred Malanga himself). His extensive work with Warhol earned him the title of “Warhol’s Most Important Associate” by the New York Times.

Outside the Warhol world, Malanga authored multiple books of poetry and has had a successful career as a photographer. Malanga also created several pictures of his own during his time at The Factory, shooting and producing twelve films. His photographic portfolio includes portraits such as Charles Olson for The Paris Review, a nude Iggy Pop in the penthouse they shared for a weekend in the summer, and Beat Generation author William Burroughs in New York. Gerard Malanga continues to work on his photography and poetry in New York City.

Warhol Superstar Gerard Malanga
Warhol Superstar Gerard Malanga
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