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Picture of Stock Grapes (FS II.195), 1979, by Andy Warhol
The Grapes 195 screenprint by Andy Warhol in a frame.
Warhol's signature on the Grapes 195 screen print
Andy Warhol - Grapes F.S. II 195 wd jpg

Grapes 195

Catalogue Title: Grapes (FS II.195)

Year: 1979

Size: 40″ x 30″

Medium: Portfolio of Six screenprints on Strathmore Bristol Paper

Edition: Edition of 50, 10 AP, 2 PP, 1 HC, Signed and numbered in felt pen lower left.


Grapes 195 is a mesmerizing screen print from Andy Warhol’s Grapes portfolio, which he created in 1979. As the final screen print in the portfolio, Grapes 195 is a culmination of Warhol’s exploration of untraditional and abstracted still life compositions. The print features two dangling grape bunches, one colored in deep purple and the other in royal blue, creating a vibrant and visually intriguing composition. Warhol’s departure from naturalistic portrayals in favor of abstract elements and bold colors demonstrates his unique artistic vision and ability to transform everyday subjects into extraordinary works of art.

What makes this artwork distinctive in the series is how it expresses the artist’s fascination with doubling and repetition, where the dominant cluster of grapes is accompanied by a parallel duplication in a block of purple against a mustard yellow background. Warhol’s use of doubling is a recurring theme in his artworks, as seen in his famous renditions of Elvis or his lesser-known Torso (Double), among others. However, in this print, the second image is subtly integrated into the composition, making it more challenging to distinguish from the dominant cluster of grapes.

Warhol’s experimentations with Grapes as a subject may have been inspired by an earlier commissioned project. Four years before Grapes, Warhol designed labels for French winery Chateau Mouton Rothschild, and the design elements of which seem to have sneaked there way into Grapes.

The artwork’s color palette is a striking blend of yellow, sky blue, dark sea green, and bright purple. The bold block colors and black shading add an abstract and dynamic quality to the print, infusing it with energy and excitement. Warhol’s masterful use of heavy black shading, coupled with the repetition achieved through the double image, results in a visually captivating and lively print. The burst of bright colors, particularly the striking yellow block to the left of the print, breaks up the darkness, adding further visual interest and complexity.

In this print, Warhol’s innovative use of doubling and repetition adds a layer of complexity and intrigue, inviting viewers to explore the composition and its nuances. The juxtaposition of colors and forms creates a dynamic and visually engaging artwork that continues to captivate viewers to this day. Grapes 195 exemplifies Warhol’s artistic prowess and his enduring influence in the world of contemporary art.

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