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The Grapes complete portfolio hanging on the wall.
Grapes 195 by Andy Warhol in frame at the gallery.
Size comparison photo of the complete Grapes portfolio by Andy Warhol hung on gallery wall next to silhouettes of Warhol abd Edie Sedgewick.

Grapes Complete Portfolio

Catalogue Title: Grapes Complete Portfolio (FS II.190-195)

Year: 1979

Size: 40″ x 30″ Each

Medium: Screenprint on Strathmore Bristol Paper

Edition: Portfolio of 6


Andy Warhol’s Grapes complete portfolio is part of the several still life portraits that he began to produce in the 1970s, including a special edition Grapes series with diamond dust. Along with the increase of still life works in his oeuvre, Warhol also began to incorporate more hand drawn lines into his compositions. This new technique, along with his signature color prints, made for beautiful pieces that contributed to his Grapes series.

Whereas past artists were interested in depicting a scene of banal subjects like fruit in the most realistic light possible, Warhol eschewed convention by taking a classical theme and adding a modern perspective. In the Grapes complete portfolio, Warhol uses color blocking techniques in order to create a fragmentation of each piece, resulting in a defamiliarization and a more abstract approach to the traditional subject matter.

The movement in the composition of each work also brings a new style to the still life genre. While fruits are typically represented in a more static manner, such as in a bowl or on a table, Warhol’s prints of grapes are unique in their arrangement, as they are shown hanging on vines. Warhol truly puts the “life” in still life in this series, and though it is one of the lesser known portfolios that Warhol created, it remains quite valuable. 

The traditional Grapes complete portfolio includes FS II.190-195, and the diamond dusted special edition collection includes FS II.196A-195A.

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