Magazine and History FS II.304A - Andy Warhol

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Title:  Magazine and History FS II.304A
Medium:  Screenprint and offset lithograph on Rives paper
Year:  1983
Size: 33 1/2” x 27 1/2”
Details:  Edition of 500. Signed and numbered in pencil.

Magazine and History FS II.304A

Magazine and History FS II.304A is a compilation of Bunte Magazine covers that interested Warhol because of their ability to command attention by the use of imagery and sensationalist captions. Bunte Magazine is a German weekly magazine that covers celebrity, gossip, news, and lifestyle matters. The modern format of the magazine is said to have been inspired by Warhol, who founded his own magazine, Interview in 1969. In this print, each magazine cover is represented in a different color, acting as individual tesserae forming a different sort of multi-colored mosaic.

This particular piece was published as a corporate gift, and is a set of 24 title pages from the magazine Bunte. Warhol had a central European background, so it is likely that he had exposure and access to this magazine.

Magazine and History FS II.304A As A part of Andy Warhol’s Larger Body of Work

Much of Andy Warhol’s fascination with money, celebrities and mundane grocery store items is that they are all ubiquitous and therefore, recognizable amongst a mass number of people. Every American has held a dollar bill or has encountered an image of Marilyn Monroe at some point in his or her life, the first out of necessity and the second out of mere exposure. The news is one of the most attention-grabbing forms of media that pervades American society. Because of this, Warhol created pieces like the Magazine and History and the New York Post (Judge Blasts Lynch) print, that mirror the repetitive, attention-commanding nature of American media, aspects that are very much alive and well in today’s culture.

Andy Warhol Magazine and history 304A



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