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Warhol Screenprint Shadows II 217 Wall Display

Shadows III 217

Catalogue Title: Shadows III (FS II.217)

Year:  1979

Size: 43” x 30 1/5”

Medium: Screenprint with diamond dust on Arches 88 paper.

Edition: Edition 3, signed and numbered in pencil on verso.

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Shadows III 217  is an original print that exemplifies the characteristics of the Shadows III portfolio. Andy Warhol said, “Someone asked me if I thought they were art and I said no…disco décor.” Playing on this idea, it seemed that Warhol felt as if this series was reminiscent of wallpaper more so than high art, which was exemplified when he later staged a fashion shoot with his Shadows III series as the backdrop.

Warhol himself never saw all 102 panels of the Shadows suite together. He left no instructions on the order in which to hang them and since the pieces are not numbered, they can be hung at random. Perhaps leaving room for play, he allowed viewers to have a new experience each time the panels are installed. This idea evokes a new concept, which is not seen in any of Warhol’s other works, as most of his pieces, although are made in a series, are meant to hang individually.

Shadows III 217 by Andy Warhol as Part of His Larger Body of Work

The Shadows III series was created in the last decade of Warhol’s life and lend well to the artist’s interests and strengths. Warhol was very interested in repetition in his series, but also aimed to maintain a sense of uniqueness to each piece. This is seen in his Shadow III series as each print has similar compositional aspects, yet all have different colors and patterns that make each unique and special.

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