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Warhol True Love
Andy Warhol - Candy Box (True Love) hanging jpg
Andy Warhol's Candy Box screenprint hanging on the wall next to paratrooper boots print.
Andy Warhol Candy Box (True Love) screenprint.
Warhol True Love Wall Display

Candy Box (True Love)

Catalogue Title: Candy Box (True Love)

Year: 1984

Size: 8″ x 10 3/16″

Medium: Acrylic, silkscreen ink and diamond dust on canvas

Edition: Unique


Andy Warhol’s Candy Box (True Love) encompasses the artist’s long-standing relationship with both consumerism and his love of chocolate. This 1984 painting belongs to a series inspired by the iconic heart-shaped chocolate box. English chocolatier, Richard Cadbury, is credited with its invention. The scheme behind its conception was its continual use as storage for everything from delectable chocolates to juicy love letters. Candy Box is one of the limited paintings that Warhol made, as he was much more prolific in his screenprints, so there is no piece exactly like this one.

Candy Box (True Love) as Part of Andy Warhol’s Larger Body of Work

Andy Warhol’s Candy Box adds an intimate layer to his work. Its soft edges and subject matter contrast the artist’s typical subjects––flashy depictions of products, celebrities and politicians. The cheeky gift within a gift offers a glimpse into Warhol’s personal life. However, Warhol’s interest in love and relationships is more prevalent in his work than is typically known. Throughout his career, Warhol explored the themes of love and intimacy. In addition to Candy Box (True Love), Warhol created prints and portfolios such as Love,  Kiss and Sex Parts, which each uniquely explore the concept of love and the different phases of intimacy.

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