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Andy Warhol - Purple Cows F.S. II 17A jpg
Andy Warhol - Purple Cows F.S. II 17A jpg
warhol purple cow 17a

Purple Cows 17A

Catalogue Title: Purple Cows (FS II.17A)

Year: 1967

Size: 9 ½” x 6 ½ “

Medium: Rubber stamp print on Rives paper

Edition: 225 signed as follows: approximately 203 signed with a rubber stamp, 20 signed with a rubber stamp and signed in pencil lower right, 2 signed in pencil lower right. Published in the bound portfolio “Stamped Indelibly,” containing fifteen works by fourteen artists, which is numbered on the colophon page.


Purple Cows 17A by Andy Warhol features twenty stamped purple cows on a sheet that is smaller than a piece of printer paper. Purple Cows was part of a group bound portfolio entitled Stamped Indelibly. The other artists that were featured in the Stamped Indelibly portfolio were Robert Creeley, Allen Ginsberg, Red Grooms, Robert Indiana, Allen Jones, Kenneth Koch, Josef Levi, Roy Lichtenstein, Gerard Malanga, Marisol (Marisol Escobar), Claes Oldenburg, Peter Saul, Tom Wesselmann and John Willenbecher.

Purple Cows 17A by Andy Warhol as Part of his Larger Body of Work

Warhol did not use rubber stamps in his printed works, aside from Purple Cows, because he saw it as being too homemade. The year before, Warhol had released a Cow print that he later expanded to a full series. This was the first screenprint that he produced on wallpaper. He used cows, like his Rorschach inkblots, in order to comment on art and what art could be. Between 1966 and 1976, Warhol created the Cow complete portfolio with the color schemes: Pink Cow on Yellow Background (1966), Brown Cow with Blue Background (1971), Yellow Cow on Blue Background (1971) and finally Pink Cow on Purple Background (1976). The Cow complete portfolio includes FS II.11, FS II.11A, FS II.12 and FS II.12A. Revolver gallery is also in possession of a rare 1971 pink and green cow print, which was made during the last days of the Andy Warhol Exhibition at the Whitney Museum in 1971.

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