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Andy Warhol - Vesuvius F.S. II 365 jpg

Fondazione Amelio (Italy)

Fondazione Amelio was founded by Italian art dealer, curator, and actor Lucio Amelio. In 1985, Warhol created the Vesuvius series which was for a solo exhibition at the Museo di Capodimonte in Naples. Outside the printed edition of this series, Warhol painted Vesuvius with acrylic on canvas. To illustrate the rush of people in the path of the hot lava, Warhol used fast and incomplete brush strokes to highlight the emotions of fear saying, “the volcanoes seemed to be painted just one minute after the eruption.” Lucio Amelio sought to encourage conversation between the art worlds of Europe and America. He introduced Andy Warhol to Joseph Beuys in 1980, and later organized Warhol’s showing of his Joseph Beuys portraits.

Stock image of Warhol's Vesuvius screen print.

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