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Andy Warhol Jacqueline Kennedy (Jackie) Portfolio, showing all works from the series.

Original Editions (New York, USA)

In 1966, Warhol created three prints of Jackie Kennedy based on publicity photographs taken by Life Magazine. The works were published by Original Editions, a publishing house based in New York City, for a portfolio of eleven artworks titled 11 Pop Artists I which included artists Roy Lichtenstein, Allen Jones, James Rosenquist, and more. In Jackie I, perhaps the most infamous from the series, Kennedy sits next to JFK just hours before he was assassinated, smiling at the camera.

jackie 1

Andy Warhol - Jaqueline Kennedy II (Jackie II) F.S. II 14 jpg14

Picture of Jacqueline Kennedy III (Jackie III) (FS II.15), 1966, stock version, by Andy Warhol

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