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Title: Flash (FS II.42)- November 22, 1963 Portfolio
Medium: Portfolio of eleven screenprints, colophon, and Teletype text on paper
Year: 1968
Size: 21” x 21”
Edition: 200, 26 numbered in Roman numerals; 10-lettered A-J has three additional screenprints, each of which is a composite of images from II.33 and II.38. (See II.43A-43C.)
Details: Each print, housed in a folder with a page of Teletype text, is signed in ballpoint pen on verso; the colophon is signed and numbered in ballpoint pen.

Flash 42- November 22, 1963 Portfolio

Flash 42 features an inverted image of President Kennedy’s campaign posters in red and blue. There are two images of John F. Kennedy’s portrait layered in this print, with the smiling face that is easily recognizable. This print was part of a series of eleven screenprints entitled Flash – November 22, 1963 depicting the media spectacle surrounding the assassination of JFK. Each print is accompanied with Teletype reports however the sequence of the portfolio in relation to the reports is unknown. This portfolio was created four years after the assassination further confirming his argument about the media, and societies obsession with the tragedy.

Flash 42- November 22, 1963 Portfolio AS PART OF ANDY WARHOL’S LARGER BODY OF WORK:

Warhol was interested in the country’s obsession with the tragedy of JFK’s death and continued to look at America’s obsession with media, celebrities and tragedy. Unlike his images of Jacqueline Kennedy, only a few years before, with this portfolio Warhol does not just focus on the man himself but also the other important pieces surrounding the assassination. Warhol was quoted in saying that “what bothered me was the way television and radio were programming everybody to feel so sad. It seemed like no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t get away from the thing.” Flash represented the constant barrage of news flashes the American public received following the news the JFK had been shot on November 22, 1963.

Flash 42 - Andy WarholFlash 42 - Andy WarholFlash 42 - Andy Warholandy-warhol-flash-42-wall-design

Andy Warhol Flash 42

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