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The Vanitas of Andy Warhol

By Revolver November 28, 2019
By Aurora Garrison, Revolver Gallery Curator Warhol surprises us subtlety with the obvious, and he hijacks the vanitas genre by clearing the table of all…
Warhol in his own words

Warhol in His Own Words

By Revolver February 28, 2018
Aurora Garrison | February 2018 Despite rumors to the contrary, Warhol was an avid reader and his literary tastes ranged from movie star biographies to…

Warhol the Film Director

By Revolver January 26, 2018
Justice Jackson | January 2018 Andy Warhol has appeared in countless Hollywood films over the past few decades. Well, maybe not the artist himself, but there…

Andy Warhol at the Whitney

By Revolver November 10, 2017
Aurora Garrison | November 2017 New York’s Whitney Museum of American Art is planning the city’s first encyclopedic retrospective of Andy Warhol in almost 30 years.…
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